Is Automated Sports Betting the Money Maker for Small Investors 2020?

Betting bots are a form of automated betting software that can be programmed to make bets for you in certain circumstances. The idea behind this kind of software is that you can place multiple bets without the need to constantly hover over your phone or keyboard. The software will follow the event you are betting on, as well as the bets themselves, in your stead.

Betting bots make numerous winning bets. They can hedge any bet that looks like failing, and do whatever is necessary to ensure you make a profit — as large or small as it may be — every day. Of course, that’s a big “if”. We’ll discuss this in more detail soon. Some pros & cons.

These bots are hard-coded by developers who are well-versed in the different variables that go into making in-play bets. The software produced by these experts is then downloaded by bettors, who can then integrate the software into betting strategy. For example, they can program the software to “react” to moments such as a goal in a football match, or the odds rising or falling on a certain horse.

Having read a certain number of betting bot reviews, bettors can select the software of their choice and begin the journey towards automating their betting strategy. They can — so the theory goes — make successful in-play bets without needing to be present to place and hedge those bets.

Why Do People Use Betting Bots?

As noted above, betting bots are popular because they take a lot of the human effort out of betting. In so doing, they theoretically allow the bettor to place multiple bets at once or react at speed to changes in a game or race. Bots will also get out of, or place hedging bets against, bets that look like they are going wrong. 

Due to this capacity to react to major or minor changes, betting bots are particularly popular with people who use spread betting exchanges. Bots can be programmed to lay, or back, certain bets at certain times. As they automate this process, they are very popular with some bettors who feel that — with the right adjustments — bots can be harnessed to ensure the bettor always comes out ahead. 

In short, people use betting bots because they feel that, if they can just tell a bot when and how to bet, then they can leave the bots to it. If bettors don’t don’t need to be there to place a bet, then they can always take advantage of small but significant changes. As the bot can stand guard and make decisions 24/7, then the potential winnings are exponential. At least, that’s the theory, anyway.

Are Betting Bots Worth It?

As our experience indicates, betting bots are not an inherently bad idea. Left to their own devices they can make you some serious profit. However, you need to leave them running for a very long time to start seeing most of the gains. Given the fact that they made some steep wins during our experiments, we are sure you’ll make some kind of profit even with no experience.

Overall, betting bots can free up time on a busy schedule and become a very good side hustle if you are in need of some extra cash. You’ll still have to watch the program from time to time to make sure nothing goes out of tune but overall very low maintenance.