Full Test — Our Experience Using Betting Bots

In order to get a feel for how worthwhile betting bots are, we felt it necessary to give a few of the market leaders a go and see how they worked for us. Without naming any names, we tried two different betting bot programs that came highly recommended. To get the most mainstream experience, we chose to test them first in one of the most common betting markets around: the English Premier League.

The software was programmed to place bets under certain conditions — identical in each case for scientific compliance — and we credited the accounts that our bots were linked to each with $5. From there, we let them do their thing. At the same time, with the same bookmaker, we monitored our own account while listening to the day’s action on the radio and watching TV for score and information updates. If we got a hunch, we backed it.

After the final whistle had gone in the last game, it was time to compare the accounts. The first bot account — we’ll call it “Bot 1” — had gained 31p and the account balance was sitting at $10.31.  ot 2, however, had fared as well and the balance of that account had gained from 20p to $9.80. Our manually-maintained account? Through backing the right team moments after hearing of a red card in one game, and backing the draw when a team with a famously shoddy defence went 1-0 up with approximately twenty minutes to go (the game ended 1-1), we’d made a decent amount and were at over $7.47.

We persisted with this experiment over the Italian fixtures the following day. and expanded it to the top five leagues in Europe for the next weekend. By the time the software had been running for two weeks, Bot 1 was at $503.31. Bot 2 had rebounded to just above the $432.40 mark, while our manual account had done decently its initial stake at $5.

Are Betting Bots Worth It?

As our experience indicates, betting bots are not an inherently bad idea. Left to their own devices they can make you some serious profit. However, you need to leave them running for a certain amount of time to start seeing most of the gains. Given the fact that they made some steep wins during our experiments, we are sure you’ll make some kind of profit even with no experience.

Overall, betting bots can free up time on a busy schedule and become a very good side hustle if you are in need of some extra cash. You’ll still have to watch the program from time to time to make sure nothing goes out of tune but overall very low maintenance.